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Impacts of COVID-19 on your Divorce and Ways to Look After Yourself

Covid19 DivorceCOVID-19 caused a global crisis. Many businesses, relationships, schools, and lifestyles are affected by it. Your divorce is not an exemption, it is also suffering a big impact because of this pandemic. It is no doubt that the Coronavirus is slowing things down and affects a lot of aspects of life.

What are the impacts of Coronavirus to your divorce? 

  • Delay: Because of the pandemic, courts across the country are closed. Some are opened but are only accommodating emergency trials. A divorce is a lawsuit-- which simply means that it is reliant on processes of the courts. Thus, the actions of your divorce in court are currently on hold. If you did not file a divorce yet, but you are planning to, there may be different ways of filing now because of COVID-19. 
  • Some courts have adopted a new way of dealing with hearings and trials which is video conferencing. Sharing of documents is also possible online.

    Your resolution: Call your attorney to confirm what the court orders of your State are so you can proceed with your divorce. Your decisions are also guided if you are talking to your attorney. A delay might cause negative repercussions on your post-divorce if not addressed. 

  • Financial affairs: When you are going through a divorce, your marital assets will be divided accordingly to both parties. These may include properties, investments, retirement benefits, or business interests. However, if during this pandemic you get into debts, those debts will also be negotiated and divided among the parties. 
  • Your resolution: Talk to financial experts that can help you with your budget and assets. Do not let this pandemic drown you with debts; consider revisiting and replanning your investments. If you have questions about asset distributions in divorces, contact your lawyer for clarification.

  • Employment and bills: Many have lost their jobs because of COVID-19, but bills are never absent. This pandemic caused a recession and no one knows until when this will last. Moreover, a spouse who lost a job can greatly affect the family’s budget and the negotiations during the divorce. It will also complicate and compromise the agreements about financial support. 
  • Your resolution: Both do your best to make the most out of the family’s combined income. You will both benefit if you are parting ways with money than debts. If you can calculate and apportion the budget for the upcoming legal fees with your spouse, that is good. The spouse who lost the job can also use this time to create a better resume or take online courses for better job opportunities in the future. 

  • House plans: After the divorce, what will you do to your house? Will you sell it? Will you or your spouse stay at your house? Where will you move if ever? Will you buy a new house? 
  • So many unanswered questions that the Coronavirus also affected. Real estate prices are greatly influenced by the pandemic. 

    Your resolution: Use this time to plan out what you want to happen to your house. If you plan to sell it, contact a realtor to have online meetings and find potential buyers for you. Invest time to take good photos of your house with great lightings. Clean up your mess just in case a virtual tour is requested by potential buyers. If you or your spouse plan to keep it, call your lawyer to consult about dividing an asset.

  • Children and family’s safety
  • The kids are probably home with you because schools are closed. Let us face it, your children will be affected by this divorce. Furthermore, if you are no longer living with your spouse and you already have co-parenting schedules, traveling might pose a risk to you and your children. 

    Your resolution: If you are still living under the same room with your spouse, use this time to create memories that you want your children to remember before splitting it into two households. If you are no longer together and kids and splitting time between the two of you, prioritize your family’s safety. 

    If you have more questions about divorce may it be for filing or processes, schedule a consultation with Jeremy. Call him today.

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